OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning)


At PCA we recognise that play is an essential part of a happy and healthy childhood. As a school, we aim to provide consistently high quality, sustainable play opportunities for all children. We offer a rich choice of easily accessible play experiences for every child by providing a diverse range of opportunities, materials, and equipment, and enabling access to carefully considered outdoor spaces. At PCA, we are committed to using our school vision to guide our planning and actions in providing play opportunities for children. We believe play has a vital role in children’s health, happiness, and wellbeing. It creates children who are independent, confident, imaginative, adaptable, social, and able to assess risksThese skills link closely to those of the schools core values of developing resilient individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens.


On this blog we want to show you all the wonderful things our pupils get up to during their lunch times! We hope you enjoy looking at them!