At RƵ (PCA) we strongly believe that Technology is an area in which all our pupils can experience success. We believe there are many opportunities to learn and where every student is successful today and prepared for tomorrow.


At PCA our students become …

  • Responsible – doing the things you are supposed to do
  • Resilient - Keep trying, enjoy a challenge and don’t give up.
  • Successful – being accomplished at something

We have a strong ethos in PCA that Technology should enable young people to become a better version of themselves.  The activities in Design and Technology will offer the pupils the opportunity to draw on their own experiences and to develop them more fully.  We therefore aim to foster curiosity, encourage investigation and observation, and instil skills which will be developed as the pupil progresses through the school.  Pupils are encouraged to identify needs, investigate possible solutions, design accordingly, produce their designs and evaluate at a level appropriate to their development.

Pupils will be encouraged to develop a responsible and resilient attitude to their environment within a practical situation, prompting skills and attitudes which will enhance learning in other curriculum areas and contributing to the overall success and development of the pupils.

We ensure the curriculum is progressive, broad, balanced and relevant in terms of processes, rich in experiences, opportunities and challenges all. 
Our core themes that are embedded from EYFS right up to KS5 are: 

  • Resilient - Keep trying, enjoy a challenge and don’t give up.
  • Respect - Respect everyone’s opinions, listening to others and by take into account other people’s feeling.
  • Tolerant - Be willing to accept the beliefs and ideas of others that are different to your own.
  • Safety - Make sure everyone is safe.
  • Independence – Allow pupils to fail in order to grow.
  • Aspire - Be ambitious and aim high to be the best you can be
  • Happy - Create a positive environment where we can all enjoy learning
  • Safety - Make sure everyone is safe

In the early years, the children will learn through first-hand experiences. They will be encouraged to explore, observe, solve problems, think critically, make decisions and to talk about why they have made their decisions. Pupils will be given the opportunity to build and construct with a wide range of objects, selecting appropriate resources and adapting their work where necessary. The pupils will be encouraged to select the tools and techniques they need to shape, assemble and join the materials they are using.

As pupils progress within the skills progression criteria pupils are given opportunities to explore a wider variety of techniques within specialised teaching areas. Projects cover a range of materials, including food, wood, plastic, metal, graphics, ceramics and textiles.  

Food Technology is an important life skill for our pupils and the courses allow pupils to work at a level suitable for the individual’s needs. Pupils will develop an understanding of healthy eating, food hygiene, through both theory tasks and practical activities. Whilst also embedding family values such as cooking, preparing and eating together.

In Resistant materials, students will problem solve whilst designing and creating solutions for a range of project briefs. Students with explore and develop a range of creative and practical skills with a variety of materials. They will build upon their fine and gross motor skills, develop resilience and attention to detail. There are strong cross curricular links between Resistant materials and mathematics, history, art, CAD and science therefore reinforcing knowledge and skills developed within these subjects. Within our workshop students will learn to use traditional hand tools and techniques as well as machine tools

Some pupils when and where appropriate will continue onto complete accreditations within technology. At PCA we offer a wide range of qualifications from ASDAN, WJEC & BTEC. The accreditations are set at a suitable level for all pupils to ensure every learner is successful on their journey through PCA.

Real life experiences are vital for our pupils and we offer many opportunities to gain experience outside the classroom in preparation for adulthood. 


DT Curriculum Map